Giles Newman

A fine art woodcarver based in northern England and Wales. Carving nature inspired art spoons and jewellery by axe and knife with naturally fallen wood.

With a background in photography and graphic design but a lifelong love of woodlands and wilderness, I started teaching myself woodcarving in early 2015 as a way to spend more time in the small woodland that I manage in the mountains of North Wales. Using only the tools that I already had for looking after the woodland, my axe and a knife, I began carving wooden spoons from wind fallen trees and branches that I would find and forage for on the woodland floor. After twelve months I abandoned my life as a designer and photographer to pursue my wood carving full time.


Truly Hand Carved

Unlike many woodcarvers who use tens or even hundreds of specialised tools, I use just four; an axe, a carving knife, a spoon (aka hook) knife and a folding saw. My decision to limit the number of tools I use and to avoid powered tools was founded on the principle of portability. I love to carve in the woods but a reliance on a workshop full of tools or electrical power wouldn't allow me such freedom. 



From Naturally Fallen Wood

All of my work is carved from naturally fallen wood; branches and trees brought down through storms or old age which I responsibly forage from the woodland floor. Deadwood plays an essential role in the woodland ecosystem so I never take all of the wood that I find and by only using already fallen wood I ensure that my methods are sustainable, causing no harm to the woodlands within which I work.

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