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Create Your Own Group Workshop

A private group workshop is a fun, sociable and affordable way to learn a new craft or further develop your woodcarving skills. Ideal for family and friend groups, clubs and interest groups of any age and level of experience. You choose the location, you choose the date and Giles will provide expert tuition and guidance as well as all of the tools and materials needed to create your perfect workshop experience.

How to Organise & Arrange Your Group Workshop

1. Get Your Group Together


Woodcarving is an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable craft for people of all ages and abilities to learn so whether you’re planning a family event, a day with a difference for your friends or workshop for your local interest group, put together a list of people that would like to take part. The more people that take part (up to a maximum of 15), the more affordable the workshop will be for everyone.

As woodcarving involves the use of sharp edged tools, participants must be over the age of 14 and under 18’s will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


3. Decide on the Workshop Venue or Location


Choosing the right venue for your workshop can really enhance the whole experience, making it a fun, unique and memorable event for everyone involved. Woodcarving workshops can be run indoors or out, so whether you would like the full woodland experience or would prefer the comforts of an indoor event, the choice is yours.

The nature of Giles’ woodcarving approach and its focus on minimal tools with maximum portability means that the possibilities for workshop locations are almost limitless. Simply find your ideal location and, once the workshop date has been agreed, book it.

Workshops outside of the UK are also entirely possible though additional costs for Giles’ travel and accommodation will apply.

2. Choose the Date & Length of Your Workshop


Private group workshops are available all year round so choose the date and workshop duration that works best for you and your group. Workshops can be as short as four hours in length or as long as a week depending on how much you would like to learn.

If the date you have chosen isn’t available, alternative dates will be offered.


4. Tell Us About Your Workshop Plans

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Once you have your perfect workshop roughly planned out, complete the Group Workshop Request form below and Giles will contact you to discuss arrangements for your event and to help make your plan a reality.


Each workshop is unique and prices depend on many things including the number of participants, duration and location of the workshop that you are planning. When you submit your workshop plan using the form below we will send you a quote for the total cost of the workshop including any additional expenses. Here are a couple of example workshops and the estimated price per person for each:

Pricing Example 1

Workshop Duration: 1 Day (8 - 10 hours)

Size of group: 12 people

Location: England, Scotland or Wales

Price Per Person: £85.00

Pricing Example 2

Workshop Duration: 2 Days (16 - 20 hours)

Size of group: 15 people

Location: Mainland Europe (France, Germany, Netherlands etc)

Price Per Person: £120.00

Tell Us About Your Perfect Workshop Plans

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